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Alpharetta Tree Service provides an outstanding tree service in all areas of tree care. Our tree service in Alpharetta, Georgia is listed as one of the best tree removal and tree trimming companies to hire for professional tree cutting needs. Along with our many years of dedicated abilities and great prices. If you are in need of tree removal, tree pruning, trimming, beautification, debris removed, lot cleared, tree sprayed, trees fertilized or stumps ground then look no further. Alpharetta Tree Service Company can help with quality work and affordable prices. services, we strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our tree care. Read and learn below how preforming tree removal or tree trimming services can benefit you and your home

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Alpharetta Tree Removal - Removing a tree is the process of cutting it down to the ground, falling the tree or cleaning a tree that has been down. It takes skill and should be done by a professional who has proper knowledge experience, to ensure the safety of your property and the crew around. Trees can be removed to prevent future property damage, adding new construction, or opening light to the lawn. For all your tree removal needs in Alpharetta, GA.

Tree Trimming Alpharetta GA - Tree trimming is done for many reason. Many people trim there trees to bring light to your lawn, remove dead or dangerous limbs, or cut back branches from there homes and lawns. Alpharetta Tree Service hires only professional tree trimmers to preform all there tree trimming needs. When trimming a tree you need to make proper cuts to maintain the health and ensure the beauty of your trees. The wrong tree trimming service can hurt or throw off the balance of your trees. Remember your trees are what makes your lawn beautiful and also helps keep the value of your home up. Wrongful trimming can kill a tree or lower your lawns out look.

Tree Pruning - Pruning is the process of removing suckers, dead limbs, inside growth, raising tips from the limbs, to promote new growth and give strength to the larger branches. The best time to prune your trees is in the spring time right before the heat and diseases set in. Alpharetta's Tree Services can help you with all your tree pruning services and proper tree care needs.

Tree Shaping - Shaping a tree is done when a tree has branches that disrupt its look, or have been broken from storms or freezes. Rounding over branches and limbs are most common to tree shaping. How can shaping your trees help their growth or out look of your home? When trimmed properly your trees will grow faster and produce stronger foliage that helps fight against diseases and bugs. So keep properly maintaining your trees so they will live longer and stay healthier.

Lot Clearing - When is comes to clearing a lot there are many decisions to make. For instance.  What trees to keep and how to remove them with out hurting or destroying the trees or shrubs you want to keep. Alpharetta Tree Service can help you make and decide what trees should be left or cut down. Trees bring value to your property so choose carefully when clearing your lot.

Debris Removal - Our tree company will remove any unwanted debris from your lawn or property. If you have fallen trees, broken branches, limbs, shrubs, palm trees or old debris from past storms, we can help. Also if you have cut a tree down your self and can't remove the debris call us we can help.

Stump Grinding - Our stump grinding service can get to any stump just about. We carry the pull behind grinders and self propelled stump machines. We will beat any stump grinding company.

Tree Fertilizing - Fertilizing your trees brings out the life and beauty of it look. There are so many trees that lack the vitamins and proper growth stems that keep the tree healthy. We offer a deep root fertilizing system to help keep trees stronger during summer heat and diseases. 

Emergency Tree ServiceAlpharetta Tree Service has a 24 hours on call tree care team to assist you with any urgent or emergency your tree many have. If a tree falls on your home, house or drive way and you need it removed immediately them we can help. No matter what time or day our emergency tree services will be ready to help.

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